With this digital era, there’s no wonder that audiobooks are getting more and more popular. This more convenient, more millennial way of “reading” has made its way through more and more people’s lives each day. And there’s a handful of good reasons why that’s happening.

One good one is time. Time has always been a valuable part of our life, but it’s even more valuable now because of the fast-paced lifestyle we’re all forced to have. And it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. So we looked up the most popular nonfiction audiobooks that you can listen to on the shower, on your way to work, or even on your way off of work. We gathered a few that’s interesting, relatable, and useful for every aspiring business tycoon out there. In fact, scratch that. You can listen to these audiobooks just for overall self-improvement, too!

Take a look at this short list and see which one appeals to you the most.

  1. Becoming – First on our list is this book about Michelle Obama’s life story. There’s no question that Michelle has been one of the most influential women in our time, maybe even in history! And this audiobook was written and narrated by her so you can definitely get a closer glimpse in the life of the former first lady.
  2. The Art of War – Chances are, you’ve already heard of or read this book. And yes, you can get it as an audiobook now. And whether you’ve read the paperback version of this or not, you don’t have an excuse to skip on this. Being one of the oldest military strategy book out there, this piece would teach you how to “win a war” without actually fighting. And that’s something that’s valuable in business and in life.
  3. Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results – This self-help audiobook by James Clear was branded as one of New York Times best seller last 2018. It focuses on showing the big and lasting impact that each of our every action has. And of course, it teaches us how to break our bad habits by creating new and better ones.
  4. 12 Rules for Life – If what you’re in search of is more of a personal handbook, Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos is the perfect audiobook for you. It’s complete with every tidbit of information from every topic imaginable: religion, mythology, romance etc. Listen to it for an all-in-one guide to life!
  5. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck – Despite of its vulgar and somehow intimidating title, this pop culture favorite gives a brutally honest, but much needed advice on positive thinking and well, not giving a fuck. Even critics find this interesting and profound so, there’s definitely more to it than just being another aesthetic instagrammable book post.
  6. First, Break All the Rules – The front cover of this book states that it’s a self-help book for managers. But I would like to think that we can all be considered managers. Besides, we need to manage ourselves first to be able to manage the people around us, right? We heard that this book talks about the practices that some outstanding managers do in order to be even better.
  7. Built to Last – This follow-up to another great piece by the same author, Good to Great, talks about the tips and tricks you need to apply to your own business to make sure that it withstands the fierce and competitive market. Backed up by his 6-year research project, you’ll also get to hear Jim, the author himself, debunk some industry myths and share some captivating personal insights.
  8. You Can’t Know It All – In today’s era of experts and PhD holders, it’s very easy to assume that everyone else knows it all, and that just like them, you should know everything about anything too. However, this book proves how that is not the case, and why it’s totally okay that it isn’t. Because those experts and PhD holders don’t know everything about every single thing either, and it’s 100% normal.
  9. The Power of Habit – Named by The Wall Street Journal Financial Times as one of the best books out in the market and being on the best selling list for years now, Charles Duhigg’s brainchild has proven to be a great supplement for start-up business owners and established entrepreneurs alike. His scientific-based assumptions and discoveries would intricately explain how and why habits are more important and impactful than we think they are. This book is dubbed as a necessary manual for business and life.


If you’ve never tried listening to an audiobook before, take this as an opportunity to not only break that “first,” but also learn and improve on yourself without the hassle of bringing a heavy chunk of paper with you everywhere you go.