Automatic Income is a fascinating book by Mathew Paulson in which he shares his profitable experiences of investing in dividend stocks. Without a doubt, the best-seller offers all the guidance you need to if you are plunging into this type of investment.

Paulson offers profound insights to teach investors an easy way to double their returns with a proven and simple investment strategy. Mathew Paulson is also the editor and found of MarketBeat, a popular investment newsletter that proudly boasts more than 400, 000 subscribers.

Dividend stocks are great ways to ensure a steady passive income. The invaluable guide shows investors the right path to figure out investments offering lower volatility and higher returns to receive a steady automatic income of dividends to save for retirement.

Investors get checks in the mail (or deposits in their brokerage accounts) every quarter or every month for owning a publicly traded company.

The most common advice you get when you are young is to invest in growth stocks that have a fair chance to appreciate over time. For those of you who didn’t know much about the subject would be happy to know that dividend investing actually works to generate income.

Mathew uses a handful of resources and tools in the Automatic Income audiobook to give investors the best advice they need to know about implementing a solid strategy to reap maximum gains.

Like other areas of investment, dividend investing also poses a few risks. However, the combination of capital appreciation and a steady income makes it a fruitful financial strategy for retirement.