Robert T. Kiyosaki is a renowned real estate investor who has previously authored world-famous bestsellers including Rich Dad Poor Dad.

The Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich is yet another addition to Kiyosaki’s fine works revolving around the state of our economy. In a candid manner, he probes the direction in which we are headed and how we got into it, initially.

The theme resonates with previously discussed subjects by Kiyosaki. Listeners are enlightened by the useful insights of this ambitious businessman as he emphasizes on embracing a different kind of education system to deal with the age of turbulence that lies ahead.

The best part of Conspiracy of the Rich audiobook is how Kiyosaki motivates us to benefit from the meltdown of the economy to get out ahead.

The book is a fresh take on the economic crisis and its consequences, compelling the common man to escape the middle-class squeeze with the help of lucrative real estate investments. The author claims that you can take charge of you financial destiny, no matter how unpredictable or chaotic your life is.

The book has soared new heights of popularity and has changed the life of millions. Listening to this admirable book is sure to change your life forever. It challenges your perceptions about money and everything about it. If you want to know everything about saving, investing, borrowing or spending; Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich– the 8 New Rules of Money is the only book you ever need in your life.