Written by Charles Arthur
Read by Stephen Rashbrook
Format: M4B
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Digital Wars: Apple, Google, Microsoft and the battle for the internet

When it comes to the digital space, who creates the demand, is it the consumers or the key players? The virtual landscape is a very exciting space to be in; seems like one can do almost anything on the internet these days. No wonder more and more businesses vie for attention over the internet. But it’s more thrilling to see how the powerhouse companies compete against each other to control it. Apple, Google and Microsoft are these powerhouse companies that bring excitement on the internet. More than just amusement to all of us, their genius body of work shape the way we consume everything on that platform – deal makers and breakers. Digital Wars narrates and explains the unique evolution of these companies and their continuous flight for digital supremacy. Now more than ever, startups and other emerging concepts can now look into the business culture that sets these companies apart and how they break barriers to rise above the competition. Find out how other big name companies such as Samsung leveraged on the information detailed in this book to become a strong rising competitor, as well as how China became the center and biggest source of the smartphone business.