Richard P. Rumelt offers attention-grabbing stories and personal experiences to elucidate the logic of a well-built strategy. He highlights the fallacies you must steer clear of when making your business strategy.

It is not surprising to know that a good strategy is often missing in hundreds of organizations.

The audio book offers useful insights based over his decades of strategy consulting and academic experience. Rumelt establishes the fact that a mediocre strategy overlooks the power of choice and focus and caters to conflicting interests and demands.

A poorly formulated strategy covers up its failure by embracing the language of ambition, values, vision and goals.

The fundamental factor that plays a major role in any bad strategy is lack of hard work.  On the other hand, good strategy involves identifying and working out hurdles that obstruct productivity.

Good Strategy Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters audiobook contains absorbing examples from military affairs, non-profit sector and business to bring realistic ideas to life. Detailed examples from General Motors to Apple and the two Iraq wars, listeners are enlightened by spellbinding facts related to strategic planning. Rumelt exposes the actual elements of a bad strategy to awaken an understanding of a good strategy.

Whether you want to know how your local super market or Walmart benefits from a solid strategy, Good Strategy/Bad Strategy is an awe-inspiring account of Rumelt’s intelligent observation to dig deep into ambiguous subjects with integrity and honesty.

Rumelt strongly argues that a consistent strategy is a significant source of competitive advantage. If you’re someone who appreciates the true value of a good strategy, then this audio book is worth your time.