Great by Choice: Audiobook

Written by Jim Collins
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 192 Kbps

Jim Collins, by his meticulous study and later translated in a book, proves that greatness is no accidental feat. Becoming great requires calculated strategies and formidable spirit, almost like a
cult, written in stone. In Great by Choice Collins lets you in on fact-base, 9-year study of how companies become great. As greatness is in any entrepreneurs’ dream; referring to this book almost
provides one a clear map on how to reach that goal in a wise fashion. The book starts with Collins comparing a set of 10 pairs of companies over a period of 20 years. In doing so he was able to demonstrate how the companies face choices and decisions, especially during critical conditions that eventually make them great. Collins surprises in his discovery that great companies aren’t always neither led by visionaries, nor did not just happen to be at the right place at the right time. They, instead, optimized their opportunities leading to more luck and success.

Great by Choice audiobook provides huge takeaways for the businessmen of today describing how great companies embrace fanatic discipline by choice, their take on when and how to plan for evidence-based innovations and how to maximize resources and opportunities in order to move up whatever is the business condition. Business principles found in the book such as “positive habits are the route to success” aren’t just uniquely coined words, but are backed by narratives of how great companies practiced it and continue to practice it regardless of their stature.

With a team of more than twenty researchers, Collins and Hansen studied companies that rose to greatness—beating their industry indexes by a minimum of ten times over fifteen years—in environments characterized by big forces and rapid shifts that leaders could not predict or control. The research team then contrasted these “10X companies” to a carefully selected set of comparison companies that failed to achieve greatness in similarly extreme environments.