Grunch of  Giants Audiobook

The mind of Richard Buckminster Fuller is always ahead of his time. For this reason his works merited the impression of being conspiracy theories. But not only does he welcome the thought, he lived, long before we have, in an era that allowed him to witness the unfolding of events that shaped the life we live today. His book Grunch of Giants is more than just a matter of personal opinion, after all he made about 48 predictions before his demise that proved to be true in the here and now. Buckminster Fuller explains in this book how corporate giants exercise discreet control, yet in colossal proportion, on the way we choose to live. His focused study on the evolution of these companies traces back post World War II. Being a mix of leader, innovator and educator, Buckminster Fuller provided a balanced insight on the turn of events and foretold a bit of what to expect in the future in a most amusing way. Grunch of Giants is also a good resource for companies looking at creating an impact in the way they do their business by learning from corporate giants that made through the ever-changing business landscape as described in the book.