A worldwide public speaker and a teacher, Sinek is a forward thinking, enthusiastic optimist whose three books (including this one) have been international best-sellers. Not only his first TED talk remains to be one of the most-viewed videos of all time, he has been inspiring millions of people with his profound work.

It all began when Sinek observed how some teams maintained a trust so deep that they would put their lives on the line to achieve goals. Whereas, other teams failed no matter what incentives were offered.

He got his answer while he was in a discussion with a Marine Corps general who revealed that ‘officers eat last.’ This is symbolic of how true leaders sacrifice their own comfort to nurture and work on their team-mates.

The Leaders Eat Last audiobook is the much anticipated follow-up to the author’s critically acclaimed Start with Why. He takes his ideas to the next level by expanding his work to the organizational and industrial level. He evaluates that although a company’s Why is crucial, it only marks the beginning.

The theme of the book revolves around how to inspire a deep sense of commitment and trust to create a culture in which people are willing to risk their lives, knowing others would do the same for them. If businesses could adopt this encouraging mentality, employees would naturally become more motivated to face bigger challenges since they would know the company would back them up, regardless of the circumstances.

Sinek demonstrates how to maintain an organization’s WHY while adding more people to the mix. Definitely worth your time and attention.