In Life Inc., Douglas Rushkoff comes off as an inquisitive and principled humanist who is daring enough to explore an array of subjects revolving around political science, economics, history, sociology and many others.

The audio book begins as Rushkoff recounts his experience of being mugged on Christmas Eve in his Brooklyn neighborhood. However, after posting this incidence on the Park Slope Parent’s list later that night, he was shocked to find the first couple of people responded by reprimanding Rushkoff for giving out the street’s name and showed no sympathy. They obviously feared that such a mention would harm the reputation of their property.

This lack of empathy jolts Rushkoff and he attempts to study human behavior and the indifference that stems when markets, corporations and money are at stake.  The book is largely based on this particular theme and examines how corporatism has become an inherent part of our everyday life and opinions.

The author demonstrates how the entire corporate system has negatively affected our society by fragmenting communities into consumer groups, commoditizing everything. With this system on the verge of collapse, the author also sheds light on simple pleasures that make us human to point the way to freedom.

Life Inc. reveals why we view our houses as investments rather than homes and our 401(k) plans as the true measure of success. The Internet has become nothing but just another place to conduction business.

In Life Inc. audiobook Rushkoff probes deep into how we have become detached from our world and how we can reconnect back to one another. Life Inc. shows us the path to develop a real and humane society.