Mad Genius Audiobook: A Manifesto for Entrepreneurs – Randy Gage

Written by Randy Gage
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Format: MP3
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5 hrs 25 mins

Narrator: Randy Gage

Being an entrepreneur comes with a price of either success or failure. Yet no one dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur only to fail. In Mad Genius audiobook, Gage explains the blend between the fundamentals and unique dynamics of entrepreneurship today, unleashing the potential that has always been inside of you. This book narrates fact-base ground-up experiences of companies that challenged the status quo — Facebook, Amazon and UBER just to name a few – to demonstrate that disruptive brilliance always bring success in grand scale. Gage believes there is a mad genius in each modern day entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-thinking employees, that it only takes the right catalyst to spark the next big idea. Mad Genius, as a no-nonsense business manual, guides you to discover new ideas, innovate and stimulate the market for solution-centered product or service, along with passionately living the solution. The result is a foundation for absolute win-win situation between entrepreneurs and customers. The book strongly advises to feed on the curious mind at all times and thrive in going against the grain with unique, actionable approaches that are based on reliable and trustworthy parameters.