Written by David Robertson, Kent Lineback
Read by Graham Winton
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 64 Kbps

David Robertson, Kent Lineback – The Power of Little Ideas

In conventional business practice, in order to survive companies must force themselves to undergo certain radical innovation around their products or service. However radical strategies, apart from it being a costly investment, do not always guarantee success.

The Power of Little Ideas audiobook, by Robertson and Lineback, provides a unique strategic approach on product innovation that is low-risk, high-reward. This strategy is described to be logical and organic, like a new way of seeing a product and reinventing it to create a family of complementary innovations that creatively work together making the product or service more appealing, exciting, and exceptional. By seeing beyond existing products or service often surprisingly bring in new ideas for either new use or new markets. It is a way of revolutionizing a product or service without altering it in any fundamental way as opposed to the radical innovation method. This practical book provides wealth of information on how well-known companies such as CarMax,
LEGO, Disney, Novo Nordisk, GoPro and many others have strategized and stayed on top of the competition by using this approach. Written for leaders in search of ideas for sustained market leadership, The Power of Little Ideas will not fail in providing powerful insights for enduring innovation.