A renowned professional speaker and a skilled sales trainer, Brian Tracy, made a breakthrough discovery that the psychology of selling is more important than the techniques of selling.

Having worked with more than 500 corporations, Tracy has penned several books including the worldwide best-seller Create your Own Future. He is most famous for his video and audio programs to help today’s managers and leaders.

If you’re into sales, you know how selling can quickly become a maddening affair. Your self-esteem takes the brunt of inevitable rejections that frequently come throughout your career. This is where this audio-book comes to your rescue.

In The Psychology of Selling audiobook, Brian Tracy probes the fundamental psychology of the entire selling and buying process by evaluating how your self-esteem influences your performance. The inspirational speaker offers some solid advice on working on your self-image for a prosperous career.

He assesses the reasons that motivate consumers to buy and provides viable techniques and methods that every sales professional can apply to their sales cycle. The audio book is a perfect gift to anyone who in dire need of professional advice to begin his sales career. Brian provides easy to understand and feasible tactics to put the spark back into your profession.

The Psychology of Selling is a timeless and critically acclaimed training program that has transformed the lives of thousands of professionals. You get to know everything about the inner game of selling, eliminating the fear of rejection while you learn to build an unwavering confidence.