This book by Ron Chernow – (who is an Award-winning biographer of the famous banking families Morgan and Warburg banking) narrates the life story of John D. Rockefeller, Sr.

Being history’s first billionaire, Rockefeller was an icon whose true nature has never been dissected by any other author or historian. Titan is a detailed biography that offers startling revelations to indelibly alter your image of one of the most enigmatic capitalists of the world.

Born the son of a flamboyant, Rockefeller was perhaps the most controversial businessman in the nation’s history. Critics believed his empire was rooted in corrupt and misleading tactics and wholesale bribery of political officials.

Titan – The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. audiobook comes from the award-winning and acclaimed author of Alexander Hamilton and proves to be an endlessly engrossing biography. The audio book reveals how Rockefeller, during his nearly 98 years, was known both as an avaricious robber baron and a philanthropist. His Standard Oil Company dominated the industry while he continued to donate funds to medical institutions and universities. His rivals feared him and envied his victory.

Chernow successfully builds his subjects’ troubled origins by drawing on unparalleled access to the giant’s confidential papers and his ambitious pursuit of wealth. Chernow discards the stereotypes to sketch an unforgettably human picture of a devout Baptist. The author probes deep into the profound religiosity that led him ‘to give all he could.’ This is one of the most fascinating audio biographies you are ever going to come across your entire life and unravels many facts about the historical figure.