//Write to Market: Audiobook

Write to Market: Audiobook

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Written by Chris Fox
Read by Nathan Agin
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 32 Kbps

Many authors write then market. Successful authors write to market.

Have you written a book that just isn’t selling? Would you like to write a book that readers eagerly devour?

Many authors write,then market. Successful authors write to market. They start by figuring out how to give readers what they want, and that process begins before writing word one of your novel.

This book will teach you to analyze your favorite genre to discover what readers are buying, to mine reviews for reader expectations, and to nail the tropes your readers subconsciously crave.

Don’t leave the success of your novel up to chance. Deliver the kind of book that will have your fans hounding you for the next one.


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