Write to Market: Audiobook

Written by Chris Fox
Read by Nathan Agin
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 32 Kbps

Lots of people aspire to be writers, but not all families would allow their kids to pursue this dream. Writers have always had this branding that they never make money. How true is this? Well, obviously seeing as lots of writers are making a fortune, the starving writer has got to be far from reality.

Well, you got that right. The Write to Market Audiobook isn’t here to prove how successful a person can be if he chooses writing as his profession. On the contrary, what you can expect this book to do is set you towards the right path.

A lot of the writers who actually write for a living think that they are writing good stuff. This is probably true, but maybe it is not true enough. Maybe if their writing was a bit better and then they could get paid a bit more.

That’s the thing with writing. If you happen to be pretty good at it, then you can bet that people would be willing to pay you loads of money. However, if you happen to be quite bad at it or if you are just in the mediocre lane, then you can get that the pay you will get will be average as well.

There are even writers who are good enough that they actually make a name for themselves. Due to their credibility, they also happen to monetize their services.

If you come to think about it, all the writers we know are actually pretty good. But if that is the case, then how come there is a person who becomes successful whereas there are writers who stays where they have always been their entire lives.

The answer lies in marketing. There are people who want to market their book before they even write it whereas there is also a person who writes the book before they market it. Whatever method you choose, there is only one thing that matters – efficacy.

You may have written a pretty awesome book, but unless this book is reaching the right people, then your chances of selling this book is pretty slim. The Write to Market Audiobook by Chris Fox aims to teach you how to effectively market your book to your target customers and actually make a sale out of your masterpiece.

Why You Should Buy This Audiobook

If you are an author who is working towards selling a book, then chances are you are pretty busy. The only way for you to read this book if you were to listen to it instead of having to read it from cover to cover.

I wish that I could tell you that you can make a fortune without reading this book, but apparently, that is not one of your choices.

Besides, it is not just writing a book that is important here. You wrote that book to sell it. With that, you need help on how you can market effectively.

This audiobook will teach you everything you need to know in order to figure out if you are blowing your horn towards the right readership.