There are only two kinds of people: the ones who work day in and day out in the office thinking that they can somehow work their way up to becoming a successful individual. The second type of people are the ones who told themselves that will keep their jobs until such a time that they are prepared to go into business. Whatever league you are in, we know that while so many people already know that the way up is to engage in one’s own business, there are still very few people who manage to move forward. Sometimes, it is due to one’s perfectionist attitude, but most of the time, it is largely due to one’s lack of knowledge when it comes to business. With that, we decided to let on the top business books to read this 2018. After all, acquiring new information is one way to step up the ladder.

‘Your Best Year Ever’ by Michael Hyatt

your best year ever

You can bet that Michael Hyatt already had tons of great experiences being CEO. With that, we are all certain that you can learn a thing or two from him when it comes to running a company or business.

This book stresses that to be successful in business does not mean to be solely capable in terms of career alone. There is a need for work-life balance. And by that, I mean that you need to be happy not just in your career, but also in your house life. Hyatt gives a few tips on how you can do that.

The point of this book is to teach young people to stop being stuck in daily routines. Rather, they should focus more on what truly matters to them. That is the meaning to true productivity. This book stresses out a lot of important lessons in life, precisely why it took its place in our list of top business books to read.

‘The Right — and Wrong — Stuff’ by Carter Cast

the right stuff

Many people assume that if a person is doing well in his career, then the person must be truly talented, when in fact it is often the other way around.

The truth is that most talented people fail whereas others who are only average talents manage to move up the ladder. Carter Cast spent an awful amount of time studying what is up with career development.

With that, he was able to pinpoint what right or wrong things people do that contributes to the outcome of their career.

This book emphasized different kinds of people, which are categorized depending on the career style of the particular person. With that, the reader will be able to tell which class he belongs to. In retrospect, he will also learn if there are things that he needs to do to better himself. This book teaches so much about personal learning that it certainly deserved a spot in our list of top business books.

‘When to Jump’ by Mike Lewis


We strongly believe that if you love what you do then moving up the ladder would not be such an easy thing.  But the reality is that a lot of people are stuck in careers that are not even in the list of choices. And yet, because of the seemingly decent pay, they make themselves believe that they can figure out a way to move up the ladder. When that happens, they think it will not matter if their career was not the type of job that they were looking for in the first place.

I also encountered a situation where I thought I could work myself up a specific career that I didn’t really like. It did not really turn out the way I wanted it. When it was all over for me, I decided that I was going to try and get into the career that I really wanted despite how difficult the journey was going to be. Of course, I did not become successful overnight, but the longer I kept at it, I became better and better until I got the career results that I wanted.

Even though the best thing you can do when you do not like your career is to change paths, you still need to find the best time to actually do it. If not, you may turn out to be penniless in the first couple of weeks. This can be a difficult situation to be into especially if you have a family to feed.

This book helps you to avoid that kind of situation. Yes, you do need to feed your family, but you need to succeed in your career as well. That can only happen if you enjoy the current field at you are currently at. With this book, you will be guided on when is the best time to leave your current job and go for the career that you have always wanted.

‘When’ by Daniel H. Pink


Time is one important asset. But there are very people who know how to many their time correctly. As a result, they often find that they do not have the time in the world to complete all the things that they need to do.

There are also people who live by the mantra that there will always be enough time in the day, and so they are often caught up with different things before getting to what really matters for the day. With that, it does not take long before the sun goes down and yet this particular person has yet to complete a single task that he was supposed to do for the day.

This book tackles everything you need to know about time. When is the best time to do something? What should be one’s daily routine? When is the best time to quit a job? When is the best time to ask for a raise of promotion? When is the best time to start a business? So on and so forth.

‘Rise and Grind’ by Daymond John

Most of the businesses you know are already mature. With that, when you imagine yourself going into business, you automatically envision a scenario wherein you are already at the top of your game.

In reality, when you get into the world of business, you are going to have to start from scratch, unless you came from a rich family who only has to inherit an already established company. But that is less likely the case if you are reading this article.

Lots of people think that becoming successful is impossible if you didn’t come from a family of businessmen. A lot of them think that starting a business from scratch is not something that can be done by many people. However, most of the millionaires and billionaires that we idolize to this day are people who grew their business from scratch. With that in mind, we can truly say that it is most certainly possible. You just need the knowledge to actually do it.

Daymond John tells the tale of how he started his startup from scratch right from his mom’s apartment, not to mention his journey on how he turned his young company to matured one.

‘Great at Work’ by Morten Hansen


A lot of people complain about having to come to work every day and giving it their best shot, and yet as many years went by, they still remain where they started. A lot of people aim for growth, but they just never seem to find it.

That’s because they are not keeping up with the changing times. There was certainly a time when you had to really work hard in order to get what you want. In order to be successful, you need to give it your best shot.

These days, if you keep on working hard, then it is going to point you towards the opposite direction. This time, if you want to get to the top and catch with today’s leading companies, then you need to work smarter instead of harder, and that is precisely is what this book is going to teach you how to do.

In this book, Morten Hansen lays out different styles of working smarter. By the end of this read, you will learn all the different ways you can get more stuff done in little time.

‘Thinking in Bets’ by Annie Duke

thinking in bets

Excellent decision making is a skill that not all people have. One of the reasons why people have this kind of dilemma with regards to making decisions is because they feel like they need to have all the facts first before making a decision.

Well, in today’s society, this is not applicable anymore. A lot of people have learned how to make smart choices even when they lack the specific knowledge about a situation. And you need to learn this skill too if you want to catch up with market leaders. This book will teach you just how.